The perfect software suite! When combining our SpyAnywhere software with SpyAgent spy software, SpyAnywhere turns into a powerful remote monitoring and surveillance solution - allowing you to remotely control and view SpyAgent's logs and more!

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PC Monitoring and Surveillance Software
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SpyAgent SpyAnywhere Remote Spy Software SuiteSpyAgent, when combined with our award-winning SpyAnywhere software solution, turns into a powerful remote monitoring and administration system. SpyAgent integrates seamlessly with SpyAnywhere, allowing you to gain total control of the remote PC with SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere. SpyAnywhere allows you to view all of SpyAgent's activity logs; as well as view the remote user's keystrokes in realtime, view screenshots of the desktop, browse the remote file system, and more! All these features are available through your web-browser - thus allowing you to access the remote PC from ANYWHERE, without a cumbersome client having to be used! Read below for a listing of SpyAnywhere's features.

SpyAgent's Activity Monitoring Features

SpyAgent's logging capabilities are unmatched. SpyAgent can log anything from what the user types, to the files they printed and programs they ran - all timestamped by date for easy viewing. All logs are easily saved and exported for later use.
Click here to view all of SpyAgent's features in detail.

SpyAnywhere's Remote Administration and Monitoring

SpyAnywhere's powerful remote monitoring capabilities create an easy to use remote surveillance solution that allows you to view the remote user in realtime, as well as manage their file system, running processes, and more!

Click here to view all of SpyAnywhere's features in detail.

Security and Stealth Features

SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere have a large array of security and stealth features. SpyAgent is undetectable under all Windows versions (it does not even show up in the task manager on any Windows platform) and can circumvent popular third-party "spyware" detectors.

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Looking for the SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere Suite in a Stealth Edition?

SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere STEALTH Edition is a pre-configured installer that you can use for installing both SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere in total stealth without any additional configuration. SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere STEALTH edition installs in seconds, without any visuals, and starts monitoring the PC immediately.

This is an excellent package upgrade for those who wish to quickly launch the SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere Suite in seconds on another computer.

Price: $99.95
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